May 8, 1974 – the day Anand Diagnostic Laboratory made a humble beginning on Infantry Road, Shivajinagar Bangalore. This was the day Dr. A V Ramaprasad moved from the role of teacher to lead what has grown into a pioneer in technology driven diagnostics in the region. Core principles of honesty and integrity through transparency that were ingrained and percolated down the ladder of the organisation from the time of its inception found roots and are visible 43 years hence. The visionary in Dr. Ramaprasad drove him relentlessly to advocate few basic rules for all to follow a) “The patient comes first. Do your bit to meet their requirement and the rest will follow”. b) “Put back to the organisation what it has earned for you. This will help the organisation provide state of the art in technology”. c) “Treat your employees as family. They will give back more than they get”.

The core family of Dr. Ramaprasad grew and their so did their involvement in developing the laboratory. With three generations of trained and qualified pathologists and allied healthcare professionals, and with contributions from self-groomed family members in managing administrative affairs, the outcome was inevitable. Anand Diagnostic Laboratory positioned itself as a major regional force and a pioneer in innovation and in the use of good technology driven processes.

The extended family of “Anand Parivar” grew in size from 3 at inception to the current number of 360 rubbing shoulders with the core family and working in perfect harmony.

The journey of 43 years for Anand Diagnostic Laboratory has been one of steady progress with strong commitment to its core values. There have been innumerable “firsts” to its credit, a legacy that is destined to never die.


Our commitment to the cause is reflected through our vision and policies.

  • “The user of our services is the very reason of our existence. Total quality management is the window through which we achieve user satisfaction” is our quality motto
  • Our credo of “Ensuring care in healthcare” ensures that we care for our patrons, partners, family, associates and for our legacy.
  • Our belief that we can demonstrate our integrity by being transparent drives us to accept all shortcomings and convert them into opportunities to improve.

“What is in the name” ANAND?

  • It is derived from the native village that the family of our founder hailed from.
  • It has given joy to its users by way of compassionate care and accuracy of reports
  • It has given joy to its referring physicians by way of reliability and ethics of practice
  • It has given joy to its staff by embracing them as an extended family And the 43 year legacy of ANAND rolls on.
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