How to manage Hypertension with other diseases?

High blood pressure is indefinitely one of the biggest health risks all over the world. Proper control of blood pressure is not just needed to prevent cardiac diseases but also to prevent complications from happening. It has been observed that most people who develop hypertension are also vulnerable to develop a few other systemic diseases too, this is attributed to:

  • Positive family history of systemic diseases inheritance of the diseases.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Improper food and nutrition consumption

It is therefore seen that most people who have high blood pressure also develops high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes and kidney diseases. At this point it becomes very important to discuss your medications with your doctor.

There are a few general rules that are employed in treating hypertension with associated systemic diseases:

Hypertension and Diabetes:

Ideally the best medication for treatment of hypertension is beta blockers that control the rate of heart and thereby helps in controlling blood pressure. However, it is strongly recommended not to use beta-blockers for the treatment of hypertension in a patient of Diabetes, for the following reasons:

  • Blood sugar is very difficult to control when beta blockers are used.
  • Sign and symptoms of low blood pressure are same as that of low blood sugars and it case of any emergency, diagnosis may be delayed on part of patient.

Remedy: It is therefore indicated to use ACE inhibitors to use hypertension in a Diabetic patient.

Hypertension and asthma:

Asthma is a very common allergic issue faced by many and if these people develop high blood pressure, a lot of medications are not safe to be used for treatment of either of the two ailments. It is therefore recommended to see your doctor if you are diagnosed with hypertension in the presence of complicated asthma to modify treatment strategies.

Remedy: Beta blockers may be an ideal and first line therapy for hypertension, but in the presence of asthma, it is strictly not recommended.

Hypertension and Kidney disease:

Hypertension and kidney disease has a very strong association. Kidney disease may lead to hypertension and hypertension is one of the complications of kidney disease. Due to such strong association, the ideal drug class that has to be used for the treatment of hypertension associated or complicated by kidney disease is ACE inhibitors. ACE inhibitors slow down the kidney damage by uncontrolled hypertension and also prevent rise in blood pressure by controlling natural mechanisms of the body.

What other systemic diseases complicate the treatment of hypertension?

The aim of discussing the treatment options of hypertension is to create awareness regarding the action of some antihypertensive drug classes. While visiting your physician, you must discuss your previously diagnosed systemic diseases in order to choose the right therapy as anti-hypertensive medications also affect:

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is painful condition of eye that may get worsen with the use of some anti-hypertensive therapy.

Stroke: Antihypertensive therapy must be use with caution in patients of stroke history.

What other tips may help you?

In order to achieve better control of hypertension and other systemic diseases, it is very important to maintain a record of your blood pressure (at least once weekly if your blood pressure is well-controlled by medications) and more frequently checkups in case of uncontrolled blood pressure. Moreover maintain a healthy lifestyle and take your medications to see response to treatment.

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