Headaches are an extremely common problem and everybody gets headaches at some point or the other, regardless of how old they. Headaches are frequently accompanied by nausea & vomiting. They are commonly caused by tension, stress, sinus problems, restlessness, dehydration and lack of sleep. In most cases, people resort to taking OTC medication to treat their headaches.

Effective Remedies

But there are times when these don’t work. There are actually a number of natural remedies that are very helpful in getting rid of a headache in a jiffy. The remedy you try will be dependent on what is causing the headache:

  • Pressure Points- Press the webbed area right between your index finger and thumb, for about a minute as this can help in easing your tension headache. This should be repeated on both hands a few times in succession
  • Water– If dehydration has caused the headache, simply rehydrate (preferably with water or some fresh fruit juices and sip on water right through the day. You can also consume a certain amount of sports drinks. These contain electrolytes and that are effective in treating tension and dehydration-related headaches. Do not drink any alcohol as these tend to dehydrate the body even further
  • Ice Pack– Place an ice pack or any other cold compress on your head- this helps in numbing the pain and is a sure-shot remedy for stress or sinus headaches. You can use an ice pack or even a towel dipped in cold water and place it on your forehead
  • Hot water– Stress headaches can be relieved by applying heat across the back of the neck. This helps in relaxing the muscles and alleviates the throbbing pain. A hot water shower or hot water bag will do the trick. Those who suffer from chronic headaches should dip their legs in a bucketful of hot water for around 10 minutes, before they get to bed
  • Lemon– This is a very effective and powerful ingredient for treating headaches as it helps in maintaining the balance of acidity and alkalinity in the body. Drink a glassful of warm water with the juice of half a lime squeezed into it. This is an excellent remedy for headaches that are a result of stomach gas. Alternatively, pound dried lemon skin into a paste and apply it on your forehead for immediate relief from headaches
  • Apples– Apples as well as apple cider vinegar are very effective in fighting-off headaches as they restore the balance of alkaline and acid in the body. In addition, the smell of granny smith apples can help in reducing migraine headaches. You can also eat an apple slice that has been sprinkled with salt. Alternatively, you can add 3-4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to some steaming water and inhale the steam
  • Peppermint– It has very soothing and calming properties which helps in treating headaches. Add dried peppermint to some herbal tea and sweeten it up with a bit of honey and sip on this concoction a few times a day. Massage some peppermint oil very gently into your temples, the back of your neck as well as you jaw- this provides instant pain relief
  • Ginger– It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing headaches. It relaxes all the blood vessels in the head and activates natural opiates which help in lessening the pain. Sip on ginger tea upto 3 times a day. If you consume the tea right at the onset of your headache, it will have a better effect
  • Eucalyptus oil– This oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It also provides a very soothing effect and helps in relaxing tense muscles which tend to contribute to a headache. Massage this oil gently into your temples for around 15-20 minutes with a little bit of almond or coconut oil
  • Cinnamon– This herb is very effective in treating headaches that are caused due to exposure to chilly weather. Grind some cinnamon with water, into a thick paste and apply this on your temples and forehead

The next time you get one of those nagging headaches, simply try some of these very effective natural remedies and watch the pain vanish into oblivion.

Published On: February 19th, 2021 / Categories: General Health /

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