When it began operations, Anand Diagnostic Laboratory had three employees and three equipments. Today, it is one of the leading independent laboratories in Bangalore. The credit goes to its founder director Dr Ramaprasad. He spoke to Shilpa Shree on the occasion of the labs’ 39th anniversary. Edited excerpts:

1) Why did you think of starting Anand Diagnostic Laboratory?
I used to work at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Belgaum. I resigned because of certain things that were against my principles. Alternatively, I felt this could be a good career move, as at that time there were no good labs to cater to the public.

2) What was your initial investment?
My initial investment was Rs 40,000 loan taken from Syndicate bank Shivajinagar. This was offered on professional guarantee.

3) Who are the people who backed you in terms of encouragement, financial support and ideas?
Fortunately, I did not face any discouragement from anybody be it family or friends.

4) On day of the lab opening, how many equipment did you have? What was your staff strength that day?
I opened the lab on 8th May 1974. We had about three equipments and a staff strength of three: an attender, a technician and myself. The attender I mention here is still with us. His name is Mr Sampangi.

5) Can you describe your experience on day 1?
I waited for patients to walk in. I spent my time reading novels. Those days I had developed a new habit of reading.

6) What according to you the highlights of lab’s growth story?
We never advertised. My friends who were practicing started referring cases to me. Word travelled and the rest is history.

7) Any good company is successful not just by its physical assets, but also by the people working for it. Would you like to identify few good people who worked for your lab and led to its growth?
There a many such people who worked with us. Mr Sampangi as already mentioned earlier. Mr James who recently left this world was instrumental in consolidating the corporate sector business.

8) What are the biggest challenges you faced in the lab’s growth story. How did you over come it?
The biggest challenge was to establish an ethical practice. Customer satisfaction and quality service was our goal.

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