Consuming low calories foods is one of the ways of catalysing weight loss and is something you can do without giving up on your urge to eat tasty foods. If you want to reduce weight fast, you will have to ensure that you get a certain amount of exercise every day. This in combination with the consumption of low calorie foods is the best ways of shedding those extra kilos.

The Health Route

So even as you cut out all those desserts and ghee-laden sweets, poories, parathas, pizzas and other heavy foods, there are certain foods that you should incorporate into your diet. These will give you the nutrition you need but in low-calorie packaging. Here are the Top-10 Low Calories Foods for weight reduction:

  • Almonds– These are packed with vitamin E & protein and their high fibre content helps you feel satiated for a much longer duration. These are not extremely low in calories, but when you eat them on a regular basis, in moderation, they do not contribute to fat. So reach for a handful of almonds instead of any savouries and snacks when the hunger pangs come on.
  • Watermelon– This fantastic and refreshing fruit contains 82% water. It gives you a feeling of fullness for a longer duration & removes all the excess sodium that is present in your body. There was a time when this was a seasonal fruit, but you will now find watermelons in fruit markets and in supermarkets, right through the year. It’s a sweet fruit that has a very high Vitamin C content and has hardly 100calories in a large cup. So regularly eat this delicious fruit and see those folds of flab melt away
  • Beans – Beans are a very good low calorie vegetable to add to your daily diet. Fresh beans have high fibre content and will make you feel full for a longer duration. They improve your digestion, help you develop body muscles and get rid of excessive body fat
  • Green Leafy Vegetables- All green leafy vegetables are very low in calories, packed with fibre, minerals and vitamins. They reduce body bloat, keep you feeling full for longer and are excellent for weight reduction
  • Cucumber– This vegetable is available right through the year, anywhere is India and is extremely refreshing. One large cucumber contains only 46 calories and you can munch on it when you are hungry or add it to salads to complement your meal. Cucumber contains around 96% water and is a very cooling food, perfect for India’s tropical climate.
  • Avocado- Though this is not a fruit that you will find many people eating in India, it’s not difficult to find. It’s rich and full of vital nutrients and fibre. It helps in keeping hunger at bay and the monounsaturated fats in it is excellent for burning belly fat
  • Oats- It’s a delicious, nutritious and low-cal way to start your day or even have it as a snack at any time during the day. They are full of fibre and you can have them with milk or curds and honey. They make a very satisfying meal, are low in calories and release their energy very slowly. This keeps you full for longer and lowers your cholesterol
  • Apples- This is one more fruit you will easily find right round the year. It is full of fibre and nutrients and perfect as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. The feeling of fullness that it gives you, prevents you from overeating
  • Peppermint- Though this is not strictly a food in itself, adding peppermint leaves to your green or black tea or even to salads helps in digestion and in removing belly fat. It does not have any calories worth mentioning
  • Water- Again, this is not a food, but even as you eat all these low calories foods, you will want to ensure that all the toxins and excess fluids get flushed out from your body. Drinking a sufficient amount of water also helps in avoiding stomach bloat

Incorporate these foods in your daily diet as engage in regular exercise at least 3-4 times a week and before long you will see a trimmer and healthier you in the mirror.

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