Yoga is ancient Hindu spiritual and physical discipline. Widely practised for health and relaxation, it includes breath control, simple meditation, stretch exercises, relaxation techniques and the adoption of specific bodily postures. June 21st is declared as the International Yoga Day by United Nation General Assembly to create awareness about the benefits of Yoga. Here are few valuable benefits of practising Yoga.

Physical fitness:

A person is considered healthy not only when he/she is in good physical condition, but also when complemented by a balance of mental and physical health. Healthy means not just the absence of diseases, but an expression of life, happiness, being enthusiastic towards life and many more. Yoga essentially bears these qualities, by performing asanas, pranayama and meditation, one can enjoy healthy holistic life.

Weight reduction:

This is one the most important benefit of yoga, which everyone craves for. By practising the combination of Surya Namaskara and Pranayama Kapalabhati asanas of yoga regularly, one can lose weight over time. The regular practise of these form of asanas helps us in assessing the healthy intake of food and makes us realise how much food our body requires.

Stress buster:

It is quite natural for person who practises yoga to feel less stressed and more relaxed than others. Some of the asanas use meditation techniques that help the mind to calm down. It makes you focus on breathing for complete relaxation of body and mind. These days gynecologists advise pregnant women, specially the ones who are in highly
stressful jobs to do yoga throughout their pregnancy.

Sexual health:

Yoga can improve sexual desire, performance, arousal, confidence, orgasm and satisfaction. Yoga in general increases the blood flow to our genital area, which in turn is the most important factor for erection and arousal. It also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles leading to improved sexual performance.

Betters immune system:

Practising yoga results in immunity boost. Yoga simply increasing overall health, helps you breathe better, improves physical movement, enhances blood circulation and keeps the organs intact. It also strengthens muscular system and maintains a perfect balance of body, mind and spirit.

Good sleep:

Eight weeks of practising yoga can deliver a better sleep pattern for those who suffer from insomnia. It also helps cancer survivors sleep better and feel less fatigue. Breathing and mental exercise involved in yoga allows the mind to slow down and attain inner peace, thus leading to better sleep pattern.

Increased energy and flexibility:

Your muscle gets stretched and completely toned with yoga practise, they help you move better and poses relieve stiffness. Just a few minutes of yoga offers fresh and energized feel, even after long and hectic day. And ten minutes of meditation provides enormous amounts of energy.

Enhances relationship:

Do you wish to have peaceful and happening relationship with your partner, friends and the loved ones? Then opt for few minutes of yoga everyday. A relaxed mind easily attains contentment and is capable of dealing with sensitivity of others feelings, thus striking the perfect balance of intra and interpersonal relationship.

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